• What is Stress?

    Stress is nothing but the mind’s response to situations which it encounters practically every minute. Everything is categorized in two; positive or neutral and negative. Everything ‘negative’ leads the mind to react. Unfortunately, most situations are categorized as negative and lead to stress.

  • Does everyone have stress?
  • Is it possible to have a totally stress free life?
  • Is stress necessary?
  • How is stress caused?
  • Is stress mind related?
  • Can also physical aspects lead to stress?
  • How does wrong eating lead to stress even though we have a ‘good lifestyle’ and exercise regularly?
  • What is the impact of stress?
  • What are the diseases caused due to stress?
  • What is the link between obesity and stress?
  • Can stress be managed?

    Yes. Opt for one of our programs, diet plans or the ‘Stress Management Handbook’ to beat stress. You could also fix an appointment with our expert counsellor.

  • What are the stress causing foods?
  • What are the good foods to beat stress?
  • What are the ways to beat stress?
  • I have too much stress. Can I speak to someone?
  • Is there anything specific which can be done which is not time consuming?
  • Why approach WELLZEE for stress management?

    We firmly believe that there is actually no problem with individuals. It is only certain factors or situations which leave us confused or agitated. Our approach is to help gain clarity of goals, become more objective and helps identify stress causing factors which could be personal, situational, professional or emotional. Once this understanding is reached, the solutions become easy to find. The most effective approaches are the ones to be found in ancient Indian psychology and philosophy. Our experts are experienced in these precise aspects and help bring a fresh, positive perspective to your life.

  • What is the Wellzee approach to stress management?
  • What is the basis of Wellzee stress management solutions?
  • What are the types of stress solutions offered?
  • Counselling? What is it?

    There are various meanings of counselling but the essence of counselling is to assist those people who want to improve their life and also achieve personal and professional goals.

    It is not restricted to resolving problems but even persons who are happy but want more from life may opt for counselling

  • Counselling and psychotherapy. Is it the same? Which is better?
  • Counselling and psychology. Is it similar?
  • Counselling and psychiatry. What is the difference?
  • Is counselling the same as Life Coaching?
  • Is counselling only meant for someone who has problems?
  • What is stress counselling?

    Stress counselling is a process to try and address stress related issues and assist individuals to improve their lives.

  • When is stress counselling required?
  • For what issues is stress counselling appropriate?
  • Which age groups may require stress counselling?
  • Is it the weak that require stress counselling?
  • Will people think I am crazy?
  • Can anyone come to know if I am consulting a stress counsellor?
  • How does stress counselling work?
  • For how long do I need to have stress counselling sessions?
  • Does the stress counsellor give advice or solutions?
  • What happens in a counselling session?
  • How do I find the right kind of counsellor?
  • What type or method of stress counselling do you adopt?

    Our stress counselling is based on ancient Indian Yoga, Jain & Buddhist psychology. It is now being proven to be one of the most effective processes of addressing issues in a systematic way. Gradually, psychiatrists and psychologists are also adopting this approach.

  • I just have a simple issue or clarification and do not require a session. Can I get some clarification or answer?
  • How do I fix an online appointment?
  • How long would a session last?
  • What are the requirements for an On-line session?
  • Who will be the Expert Counsellor?