Stress Management Program


Practically everyone today is genuinely stressed across age groups leading to various issues. Our stress management program when practiced daily will help manage stress better and also reduce it without any conscious effort. The only requirement is sincerity and discipline. Every human being is mea...
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Good For:

All individuals above the age of thirteen with no major health problems will benefit from this online yoga program. Whether you have stress or want to prevent it, this program will be useful for anyone from all walks of life.

Stress Management Program - English
Price: Rs. 2500
This online stress management program is a combination of some stretching, mind control practices and stress alleviating pranayama techniques. Just forty minutes a day will start showing results in as less as a month. Practicing over a longer period will help reprogram the mind to become positive an... View More
Our experts are experienced in teaching Different types of Individuals.
They put forward effective & safe practices suited to Current Lifestyles.
Our experts understand the Modern Body and its limitations.

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