Teenage Success


Teenagers have it tough these days due to intense competition for studies, career, peer pressure, health and relationship issues. They require a teenage success program; not just on the academic or sports front but also to give an advantage in life. Our online yoga teenage success program is designe...
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Good For:

All teenagers and young adults (girls and guys) with no health problems will benefit from this program.

Teenage Success - English
Price: Rs. 500
The Teenage Success program gives adequate stretching to the body, improves digestion and helps manage your mind better. Regular practice of this online yoga routine will help overcome many issues. Regular practice of at least five days a week combined with one of our teenage online diet plans is es... View More
Our experts are experienced in teaching Different types of Individuals.
They put forward effective & safe practices suited to Current Lifestyles.
Our experts understand the Modern Body and its limitations.

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