Why WellZee

Wellzee Inception
Health, obesity and stress are challenging issues for individuals as well as Governments. We tried to understand what is it that would help individuals to improve their lives on the health front. We had formal and informal interactions over a few months with a few hundred individuals and medical and Ayurveda professionals. This feedback helped us to put forward wellbeing services on an online platform to address the requirements of time, space, convenience and effectiveness.

  • Integrated approach
    Health, diet and stress are seamlessly interlinked and therefore, we put forward an integrated approach.
  • Ancient yet Modern
    All our offerings are based on the best of ancient Indian learning as old as 10,000 years and more in the spheres of preventive health care, stress management, longevity and diet management; but presented in a manner which is conducive to the 21st century individual.
  • Practical Approach
    Simplicity, convenience of time and space and something integrated with your normal lifestyle. A 'do what you can, when you can' approach which is 'non-preachy' or non-rigid; yet result oriented.
Wellzee Diet
Our diet programs take into account your lifestyle, work schedules and food preferences. So you will find a choice of diets based on your preferences, be it veg, non-veg or Jain.
Natural Nutritional Balance
We believe in nutritionally balanced diets which are effective and there is no requirement for supplementation, fasting, calorie counting, extreme diets or forced appetite reduction.
Wellzee Yoga
Multi school Yoga
We have researched and amalgamated the best approaches from some of the top few Indian Yoga institutes. We have taken away all the hard work of finding the right practices or the right Yoga school.
Practical Categories
You will find programs which are designed for different categories, be it for various age groups, health issues, women's issues or pregnancy.
Quick Results
We shatter the myth that Yoga is very slow and does not give fast results. With our programs you will start observing results from 90 days onwards; provided you practice regularly and make suitable lifestyle changes.
Wellzee stress management
Our stress management programs and stress counseling are based on Yoga, Buddhist and Jain psychology. The programs work to manage anxiety and stress in the short term as well as long term. If you need to speak to someone, then a stress expert is just a step away

Goal Oriented Yoga, Diet & Stress Solutions