Combine your joy by keeping yourself fit at this time. This is the time to start taking extra care of you in terms of nutrition, health, stress and diet. Yoga for pregnant women has been found to be one of the most effective disciplines during pregnancy. However, you should know what to do. Our yoga for pregnancy programs are in three parts, one for each trimester. At each stage we hand hold you with the best practices. We have already taken care of what is not to be done but still made sure that you get relevant exercise and stretching to strengthen yourself and keep yourself healthy. If you follow an online Yoga routine throughout pregnancy, it also becomes easier to get back in shape later on. There are quite a few practices and the entire routine may take around forty five minutes to complete. However, you could also practice just eight to ten asanas of your choice and some breathing on a daily basis.Do take clearance from your doctor and ensure regular check-ups.