Eye Care Program


Eye care is much needed in modern times with a very electronic and gadget linked life. Eyes bear the maximum stress due to constant strain of working, watching TV, gaming, texting and social media. Sleeping late also adds to this problem. Most of the body’s energy is also lost through the eyes and...
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Good For:

This online yoga program is good for any age group and will benefit anyone who wants to take care of their eyes. Whether you have eye strain, eye numbers, dry eyes or eye strain related headaches, this program will help you. It is also useful for anyone who needs to study or work a lot. However, this program should not be done by persons having retinal problems, eye disease of any kind or an eye number greater than five....
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Eye Care Program - English
Price: Rs. 1500
The various practices given in this eye care online yoga program are excellent to maintain or improve the condition of your eyes. In many cases it has helped to reduce eye number and improve eyesight. Try and practice this online yoga routine once a day. It only takes around 30 minutes. However, you... View More
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