Heart Problems Management


Various researches have shown that Yoga can effectively manage and in many cases even reverse cardio vascular disease in conjunction with the right medication and some sincerity. It has been found that Yoga combined with the right eating pattern, walking, medication and a disciplined lifestyle helps...
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The Healthy Heart program is very useful for persons with cardio vascular diseases and who wish to manage their life without surgery. It is also meant for persons who have recovered from a heart related disease or a heart surgery. This program is suitable for women and men in all age groups from the ages of five and above....
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Heart Problems Management - English
Price: Rs. 2000
This program has the most effective practices which ensure physical movement and gentle rejuvenation of the heart with improvement in breathing capacity. You can also split the routine to as per your convenience and practice the asanas in the morning (before or after your walk), stretching in the af... View More
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