Lumbar Spondylosis Program


Lumbar Spondylosis is a lifestyle and degenerative disease and it is increasingly afflicting younger age groups. The solution is lifestyle management, medication if acute; and online Yoga. If spondylosis is not in the acute phase and is in the resolving or mild phase, this online yoga program is ju...
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This program is an online yoga routine for anyone who has lumbar spondylosis which is in the mild phase or resolving phase. It will also help individuals in all age groups who keep getting problems like strain, pain or stiffness in the lumbar region.

Lumbar Spondylosis Program - English
Price: Rs. 1500
Gently strengthening the lumbar region and relaxing it in the correct fashion is the key focus of this online yoga program. The practices in this routine barely take thirty to thirty five minutes to complete. However, it provides great benefits to manage lumbar spondylosis. This online yoga routine ... View More
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