Office Fitness Program


Most of us today lead desk bound lives. Even if we have an exercise routine or are walking, for the rest of the day we are sedentary. It is essential to keep our body moving through the day and not just for an hour a day while exercising or practicing Yoga. Sitting or standing in one place for long ...
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Good For:

This entire program is designed for all working individuals, whether they are currently following any Yoga or exercise routine or not. This includes persons in desk bound jobs; teachers, doctors, self employed professionals, students; researchers, police and practically anyone who spends long hours working at a desk or standing....
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Office Fitness Program - English
Price: Rs. 2000
The Office Fitness online yoga program will exercise and stretch your spine in five different ways in addition to exercising your arms, legs, shoulders and neck. It will help in muscular aches and pains and preventing back, shoulder, joint and cervical problems. At the physiological level it will he... View More
Our experts are experienced in teaching Different types of Individuals.
They put forward effective & safe practices suited to Current Lifestyles.
Our experts understand the Modern Body and its limitations.

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