Weight Loss Program 1


The best way to lose weight is to follow an online yoga program. Gentle and long lasting weight loss is what this series of practices will provide. The unique feature of this weight loss program is the fact that there are no strenuous or complex practices. You will be surprised how such simple and g...
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The yoga Weight Loss Program 1, is an ideal program for anyone who may be overweight, obese or want to watch their body fat percentage. This routine is appropriate for anyone in any age group, provided they are in good health. Please do not opt for this if you have any kind of health problem and refer only to the respective health related programs we offer....
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Weight Loss Program 1 - English
Price: Rs. 2500
You will not need any other diet and exercise plan when you practice this online yoga routine. With this routine you will not need to go to a gym or follow any other intense exercise program. This yoga weight loss program is a right combination of strengthening the core muscles, working on waist and... View More
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